Reformer Classes

Reformers are probably the best known of the pieces of large equipment invented by Joseph Pilates. The basic design has not changed dramatically from the early versions used by Joseph Pilates in his New York Studio in the 1950s and 1960s, and still uses a system of springs and ropes to bring challenge by adding resistance while providing support.

Reformer Classes are limited to six people in a class – each person working on their own reformer. The classes are challenging and fun, and the results they deliver in terms of increased strength and muscle tone can be seen very quickly.

You MUST be familiar with Pilates on the Mat before joining a BEGINNER Reformer Class. This is to ensure a good knowledge of the basic principles of Pilates which are crucial to be able to work safely and effectively on the Reformer

Please contact us for information about joining a Reformer Pilates Class