The Team

At The Pilates Studio we are lucky to have a team of highly trained and experienced Pilates Teachers. Each teacher brings his or her own special something to the classes they teach. We pride ourselves on offering Pilates classes that are fun, friendly and deliver the results you are looking for, regardless of whether that is rehabilitation from an injury, to improve athletic performance in other fields, a desire to become more toned and flexible, or just somewhere to escape from the pressures of everyday life for an hour or so each week.


Elaine Wolstenholme

Elaine first discovered Pilates while working in London as an accountant in the Investment Banking sector. A physio recommended it to help manage the back pain that resulted from 2 prolapsed discs (too many long hours slumped over a desk…?) After practising for a number of years she decided to train as a Pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates ® and gained her Level 3 Matwork certification in 2009. She left London and the corporate world behind and started teaching Pilates on a full-time basis.

Today Elaine is also a fully qualified Body Control Pilates® Reformer teacher and Back4Good® practitioner. Following a brush with Breast Cancer in 2016, Elaine also has a keen interest in working with women who are preparing for, undergoing or recovering from treatment for Breast Cancer and has completed the Body Control Pilates® Breast Cancer training to support this work.

Elaine loves running marathons and believes wholeheartedly that Pilates has enhanced her running and kept her free from injuries.


Tony Stanley

Tony took up Pilates 12 years ago on the advice of a physio who was treating him for sciatica, and in Tony’s own words “the rest is history – sciatica included!”.
After completing his Level 3 Matwork training certification with the world-renowned Michael King (MKPilates®) Tony started teaching Pilates classes 5 years ago. He is currently continuing his Pilates education with Michael King and working towards his studio equipment certification.

Tony feels strongly that Pilates is the perfect companion to all other forms of exercise – from walking to running, or cycling to dance. It allows us to get a better understanding of our bodies and is key for injury prevention.

Tony loves sharing his passion for Pilates with everyone – but he feels the method has been neglected by men in recent years and so he works hard to encourage more men to embrace Pilates and discover its benefits for themselves.

Anita McBriar

Anita first came to Pilates ten years ago as an aid to her ballet training and after a few sessions was completely hooked. After training to Advanced 2 level in ballet with the Royal Academy of Dance she completed the Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies with the RAD in London.

Anita lived and taught ballet in Toronto, Canada for 2 years. During this time, Anita took Pilates classes at the Stott Pilates Corporate Training Centre, and then began her instructor training completing the Stott Pilates Intensive Matwork course.

Since returning to Northern Ireland, Anita has completed the Stott Pilates Advanced Matwork and Intensive Reformer courses. She enjoys teaching Pilates and seeing the benefits it brings to people of all ages and from all walks of life; giving them better posture, more body awareness and ease of movement


Julia Hutchinson

Julia has been practicing Pilates for 8 years and began teaching after gaining her Mat qualifications in London where she used to live. Julia studied at Drama college and Pilates was a huge part of her movement training. It was here she fell in love with Pilates even more. She enjoys different forms of Pilates, both traditional and modern and truly believes it is one of the best ways to stay connected to your body and feel strong.