As a chiropractor I am very careful who I refer my patients too and also where I will go to myself. Elaine is a fantastic teacher who really knows her stuff and I am always confident in recommending her pilates studio to patients as I know they will be in good hands with Elaine. She is also fantastic at pushing me on and I have gained so much more strength and control over the last year and a half- thank you Elaine! !


I can honestly say Pilates with Elaine has transformed my core & my posture! I’ve been attending classes with Elaine for six years, initially Mat and now a combination of Mat & Reformer classes. Elaine is a wonderful teacher, she has both the  knowledge and the passion to keep you hooked! Although classes are challenging, Elaine is also very gentle in her approach,  she manages to keep an eye on everybody in the class and gently corrects incorrect postures or positions with wonderful cues. I rarely miss a class because i know the difference it makes – i feel it very day, my back in particular has never been stronger


Pilates classes, especially those on the Reformer machines, have given me, a sixtysomething woman, the core strength and stability of someone 10 years younger. Elaine’s classes are professional and well taught and I heartily recommend them.


I was diagnosed with MS approximately 7 years ago.  Every health professional I have come across recommends Pilates as a way to maintain mobility and core strength.  The benefits cannot be under estimated.  Elaine and Kathryn are meticulous in teaching correct techniques and allowing you to progress at your own pace with plenty of encouragement to ensure you always push the boundaries.   I have surprised myself at the progress and personal achievements made over the last number of years.  Classes are good fun in a friendly environment with never a dull moment.


I met a pal I hadn’t seen for a while and she was looking toned and healthy – her secret she said was Pilates. So, I checked it out and found Elaine’s class so close to me I had no excuse not to try it.  I had to wait a few weeks for a new beginners block to start and that was 4 1/2 years ago. I love it. Every class is different and now I go to one mat class and one reformer class a week.  It’s a great workout and I’m still surprised sometimes at how it challenges me. Elaine is an amazing teacher, her instruction feels like it’s directed straight at me, even though there are others in the class. She teaches us about Joseph Pilates and how the movements are focussing on specific muscles. There is a lovely atmosphere in the Studio and that comes from Elaine and her warmth. I turned 50 this year and I feel my posture is the best it has ever been. I can honestly say, I rarely miss a class. If you have ever wondered if it’s for you – give it a go.


I’ve been attending Pilates with Elaine at The Studio for the last 6 years and I absolutely love it! Elaine is an amazing teacher and has such a wonderful way of helping me to understand and visualise new exercises, and also ensure that I continue to develop and improve on the basic ones. Elaine is very professional yet always creates a really relaxed environment. She works really hard to keep the classes interesting and every week is different- always challenging us and helping us to work to the best of our ability. When I first started Pilates the thing which I loved most about Elaine was that she was so aware of when I needed help with my position or alignment- she was always there ‘fixing me’ before I even had to ask!

After having my 3rd child my lower back felt really weak and I couldn’t wait to get back to Pilates. I felt I needed some extra help in getting my core strength back though and so I started attending one to one sessions with Elaine. These have been such a benefit to me. The extra attention and support was just what I needed to help me to get my confidence back as well as my strength.

I had always attended mat classes but just over a year ago Elaine encouraged me to try out the reformer and I am so glad I did!! I just love it! For me this is what I enjoy doing most. I feel that it has been a huge benefit to me in helping me to become stronger, especially in my upper body and most importantly I just really love doing Pilates on it. It has made me more aware of how I move and carry out different exercises and in turn I think it has helped me to improve on the mat exercises. I also love the extra challenge that I feel my body gets from practising Pilates on this piece of equipment.


I was nervous when I walked into my first Pilates class 5 years ago, but I was immediately made to feel at ease, Pilates classes at the Studio start with the basics and build from there week on week.  My core strength has vastly improved from when my Pilates journey started, and even now the classes still continue to challenge my body, I can feel the benefit every week, thank you.


I have been attending classes with Elaine for over 4 years and am so glad I found such a good teacher. Elaine is always attentive to each persons’ individual needs, talks through each exercise, explaining the logic behind the movements and how they can be adapted depending on ability.I have osteoporosis, back and hip problems and feel that my weekly classes help manage my symptoms and have really strengthened my body.


Having long standing back pain with multiple prolapsed discs, pilates has helped me to manage pain without recourse to pain killers. All too often, I hear ‘engage your tummy’ in your voice and immediately become aware of bad posture at work. Your emphasis on correct technique keeps the classes fresh and challenging; it has never been boring.


I’ve been doing Pilates with Elaine at the Studio since 2012 and it’s safe to say that I’m addicted! The classes always have the perfect amount of challenge and I always leave the studio feeling refreshed and revitalised. Pilates has changed the way I live my life; I’m far more aware of how I move now, whether that’s when I’m walking the dog or in the gym. I’ve had long-term knee trouble and a full dislocation last year. Elaine is excellent at adapting exercises to ensure my knee is protected and helped to a full recovery. The quality of the teaching at the studio is first class, from all the teachers. Everyone is very patient and provides feedback and interaction to ensure the positions are reached safely and comfortably. Pilates is far more than just exercise for old ladies.