Matwork classes are perfect for those who want to enjoy Pilates in a group setting. Class sizes are small – maximum 12 – to ensure good client/teacher interaction.

We aim to provide fun and varied classes that will provide you with a good workout. They will help to increase your body strength, improve your flexibility and leave you feeling fabulous.

Matwork classes often use small pieces of Pilates equipment to add something different to the classes – small balls, bands and foam rollers are among our favourites! Every prop will help challenge you a little further and keep the classes interesting!


Pilates for Men – Although men are welcomed in ALL matwork classes, the ever popular ‘Pilates for Men’ class focuses on the elements of Pilates that are of particular benefit to men. The class is taught by Tony and is open to men of all ages, physical ability and Pilates experience.


Pilates for Posture, Balance & Strength –  In this class Anita draws on her background in ballet, combined with all her experience in teaching Pilates, to deliver a fun and challenging class that is suitable for everyone. We’re just leaving out those little elements that make a regular Pilates class unsuitable for anyone with osteoporosis, and instead giving much more focus to exercises and movements that will make you look and feel fantastic!